Brainstorm sketches for Attract Trailer!

I wanted to showcase what made my game special while having a funny upbeat action vibe announcer! I based the style and cinematography off of the world of tanks trailer and Super smash bros melee.


Boss Fight idea

I want to make a 3 stage boss fight based roughly around the binding of isaac "church "Isaac" fight.

This fight is a perfect example of what I want to make, It has 3 stages each with rising complexities. the first stage the boss is represented as venerable and weak, once provoked turns into a moderately hard boss. once past 3/4th health, the enemy is mixed up and a new difficult attack throws the player off guard. The tells of the 3 stages are repersented by the sprites shape language and movements as well as its projectiles.



Introduction to boss fight.

The first thing I want to have is a cool introduction. I want to make a small animated HUD or use cards to have a Boss Battle fight intro where you upgrade your magic wand into a full blaster which grants infinite ammo and a higher shooting speed!

I want the boss to me a small little rat crystal thing that is completely static and wont attack you until you hit it. once you do and it breaks, it turns into the monster boss. I want him to have 3 health bars stacked ontop of each other like the Devil may Cry series bosses.

I also want the boss to throw something at the player if destroyed would drop health to pick up.

Stage 1

the first stage I want him to be static and shoot the bullets in patterns at a moderate complexity and slow pace, I want him to vary his attack patterns as well. When it gets to the lowest part of the health he gets staggered. you have to hit an event to do an ultimate damage attack by hitting a combination of buttons. When this occurs he sets his health to the next lowest bar.

Stage 2

the next stage I want him to shoot faster with different combinations of a harder complexity. I want him to now have a shield faze as well where every so often he will raise crystals and they will protect him and shoot out towards the player.

Stage 3

The final stage I want him to have complex patterns at a fast rate as well as his shield ability, finally I want him to change his form to an uglier more exposed version of him self like he was badly damaged. For his final ability I want him to teleport using an array method from 3 locations on the map area. this will give him more dynamics and it will switch up the patterns of shooting entirely

Final scene

On defeat I want the boss to explode with crystals and a cool you win screen. then you transform back into a human!

Arena pitch!

Google slides arena pitch for my class!

Isometric map below: Motherboard Mayhem
 Map prieview

Map prieview

How to Make a Flipbook particle for Cascade!

step 1

Open up Photoshop, make sure you use a document that's the power of 2

Plan out whatever you want to animate and illustrate it! *note if you make anything in Color, you wont be able to add a particle color and adjust that in cascade later., so I recommend doing it in black and white.

(make sure you have a transparent background for your illustration.)

When your done with your drawing you should be here prepare to animate... well sort of!


Step 2

For animation, 1 FRAME = 1 LAYER essentially, try and keep it at a minimum, as well as that make sure you work in a moderately high resolution because when you condense everything into a flip book grid later with glue it, depending on how many frames your animation is it will decrease in resolution. don't worry it will make sense later.

I cant really going to far into animation in Photoshop, because it would take way too long to explain, however the gyst of it is using layer opacity to see your prevision layer to draw over like onion shell in adobe animate, an alternate way to make it is using Timeline. There are lots of tutorials on that so if you want to they're out there.

***IMPORTANT*** you should have a squared amount of layers, in other words 2x2=4layers 4x4=16 layers 5x5=25 layers because they are fitting in a grid. note, you dont have to fill each column completely, however keep in mind to try and not go too far past this grid size or else it wont become a square and UE4 will hate you for it.

once your done with making your frames per each animation you should be about here:


 note, everything is labled and in order

note, everything is labled and in order


Download a program called "Glueit" this is almost literally monkeyjam, the only difference is it compiles all your images into a single png grid next you want to open it up and add all your images. once you have everything, type in your number of columns, just like what i mentioned ealier, if you have 4 images, 2 columns, if you have 16 images, 4 columns ect. adjust your speed(delaymilliseconds) and hit glueit! From there save out your image and your almost done


step 4

Take your image from glue it and bring it back into photoshop, add a black background to it so you dont have any more transparency and create your alpha mask, this can be achieved by selecting your layer RGB information and filling it with white, saving that out as a separate .tga

Final step

save out all your stuff as .tga files

open UE4 and import everything. From here set up your material

This is how I set mine up however there are different ways you can approach it. I set mine to mask because i wanted my B/W information to read as RGB rather than a mask, I used the mask I made earlier to fix that issue. you could also set your material to additive for a different effect

*NOTE*the multiply with the constant attached to it in the top left adjusts the speed of the animation!

YAY you did it!

all you have to do now is apply the material to a card, or add it to your cascade particle!

Gun Programming plan

I want to create a bullet that shoots and sticks onto a moving target and deals damage over time, The way I am going to go about this is in 3 parts.

The plan is to use a projectile movement function my my blueprint combine with a hit event to get my desired result. the reason why i chose this was because i want to have an invisble projectile so i can attach a particle trail to make it look like a tracer bullet. on top of that, I can tweak bullet drop and trailing vehicles that are far away.

I set up a global health system for the prototype multiplayer match we will have which will deal damage to whatever the bullet is interacting with. EX: casting to vehicals

 This is the moving cube that Im testing out, if the enemy health is = to 0, it will destroy the actor.

This is the moving cube that Im testing out, if the enemy health is = to 0, it will destroy the actor.

 this is showing in the projectile blueprint using the apply damage function in UE4. over the course of 3 seconds. the initial hit is 20 damage out of 100, and for the next 2 seconds it will deal 2.5 damage every.5 seconds

this is showing in the projectile blueprint using the apply damage function in UE4. over the course of 3 seconds. the initial hit is 20 damage out of 100, and for the next 2 seconds it will deal 2.5 damage every.5 seconds

 the linetrace is attached to the bullet, on the hit of the line trace its going to get the hit location and attach itsself to the component of whatever blueprint its interacting with, aside from that there is a sequence(not shown) with the same code, with the exception of an attach to actor node, this is for anythign thats not a vehical but still needs the animation.

the linetrace is attached to the bullet, on the hit of the line trace its going to get the hit location and attach itsself to the component of whatever blueprint its interacting with, aside from that there is a sequence(not shown) with the same code, with the exception of an attach to actor node, this is for anythign thats not a vehical but still needs the animation.

Adventure Game submission

I worked on making a game from scratch over the last few weeks, the game features fully scripted combat, a custom HUD, and a small mod kit environment

Trailer sketches and plan

Subject to change, Using diagetic sounds mainly, the pacing will start off slower, then speeds up with more cuts as the trailer progresses.

Finishes with main market door open. More game play at the end of the trailer. 

The Orroti meteorological service has issued its highest possible "status red" warning for the arrival of Sandstorm Jaito.

the failure of generator malfunction is imminent. Evacuation is mandatory for sector D-17, D-13, and D-12. Prior to evacuation Secure all belongings and unplug all power items. roads will be closed within hours. no one will be allowed in or out of the highlighted districts.

Have a nice day!

trailer sketches.jpg

Teaser Trailer inspiration

The reason why I like this trailer so much is because of how much It communicates with such a bare minimum. There are 3 characters, and the conflict is directed by audio rather than animation. There is animation, however because the whole scene is one shot and takes place in just the refrigerator a lot of the movement is left up to the viewer.

I also like how in the end of the teaser, they show a little extra game play of the item being used in combat. The trailer sets it up so the viewer could assume that its a health item or at least something positive, so much so that other characters would go as far as fight for it.

Finally, I like the 2-D elements of the trailer as well, the blend in artistic title screens with graphics, and near the end there are blueprints of how to make the sandwich and what its used for!


Favorite game trailer

I have many "favorite" game trailers, although I love them all for many different reasons, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim takes the cake. There are many factors that go into why I like it so much. I can look at it technically as a game artist, and as a gamer and appreciate its merits, therefore I'm going to break it down as a person wanting to buy this game and how it appeals to the average gamer, and how professionally sound it is looking at it as a game artist.

Gamers perspective:

At the beginning of the trailer, the narrator mentions Oblivion, the previous elder scrolls game. If you're a player of the series, you already know whats next and what this game is. For people who don't know about the elder scrolls series, there is still enough information for you to understand, but also it's vague so you don't know whats going to happen next. 

The next thing I love is the intense medieval chanting music, It gives me a free feeling, flying through the wintery tundra trees and sets the vibe for what type of game this is.

One of the most crucial things that sell a game for me is real-time rendering and gameplay. This trailer has a perfect balance of CG, but also makes sure to show off gameplay mechanics, and in-game environments. By doing this, it shows what the potential and scope of the game is. The quality of the textures and what it might look like in the first person. there is a plethora of fight scenes and weapons that you can use, as well as spells and items you can collect.

The last thing I like about it is the ending. There is a logo and more importantly a release date. For me, when I see the release date at the end of a trailer, it's really bittersweet. the trailer reminds me that it's only a trailer and that the game is a year away from release, but it's so close you just have to keep watching it.

Technical perspective:

There's good camera direction and composition. The shots that they use to film it bounce between a dollied shot and a free camera first-person perspective. This is used to help take the player in and out of the roll of the main character. They do a great job bouncing between the CG cutscene and the in-game graphics as well. 

The camera fades they use to set an intense mood, something secret or brooding. When the action starts, the camera starts to cut much quicker and uses less continuity editing.

In the trailer, as I mentioned before they show off some environments, But they're not just winter biomes. There are a plethora of different locations with different color pallets, this shows the expansiveness of the world and give the player more of an incentive to explore, and shows that the game isn't just one lazy area.

The sound design is incredible. the music completely sells the trailer, without it, the mood wouldn't be set. Another bit of sound that got me was the waterfall. It made me feel like I was in the world. It was almost like a synonym for feeling empowered like the waterfall.



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Grid plan and level script

Engineer: lvl info


Background:  In the not so distant future, humans have achieved a level of technological advancement that far surpasses the capabilities of any energy source on the planet. The solution, massive worldwide solar panels that struggle to keep up with the power hungry people.
This solution is not long-term, and problems have already surfaced on the peninsula of Atrronaih, where massive sandstorms have made the cost for maintenance of solar panels to skyrocket. The government has decided to turn to wind energy, but this is a commodity only for the rich. Through Riots and sabotage, the government was forced to give the pauper towns solar shields and generators. Each town would have a mechanic who would be the inly one allowed to fix and restore power to the shields annually.

Scene: Arabic market-street and a fourm for trade and commerce. with a layer of sci-fi technology on top (solar panels, wind generators in distance). Skyscrapers in distance blending into the haze.

Time: Dusk.

Conditions: Dusty But clear


Mechanic: Garrek (players character)

Scientist: phone guy

Female Computer voice


Environment shot- low angle fade in from the road. Dust and paper tumble across.-> Fade out


Fade in - Shot looking up from the outside work station peering at the sun - fade out

Engineer: lvl section _A

Audio:  sound of a delivery truck engine whirring, then leaving.

Fade in-  game starts~ player(Garrek)

Start of the game takes place in the outside work area of the engineer, its bright and hes getting off of his lunch break tinkering away on some projects the locals commissioned for repair.

The gateing mechanism for the area would be a door on the right, and an invisible wall for the main door

Dialogue pops up bottom of screen:

Hit key “F” to interact with objects

 Player picks up package


“I better open this thing on the table.

Hmmm, Odd I don’t think I ordered anything this week; It’s got my name on it.”

Hit key “F” to place objects from your person

*places box on table then opens*

Empty fuel cell and ear piece are now laid on table from box.

Player picks up earpiece (automatically equipped) and fuel cell is in inventory.

 Audio: beeping sound from earpiece and a phone pick up sound.


*eating chips*

*coughs* ohh hey… ya finally got the thing. Yah, that’s a neat little contraption yours truly has been working on for quite some time now.


What?!? Wait you mean a fuel cell?



 but this is much better than the crap that you got from the meat heads that put you in this shit hole.


What do you mean?


Well because of your current… umm… situation, I decided to lend you a hand and make your life a little easier

This fuel cell SHOULD last at least 4 times longer than the ones ya currently got.

Also I haven’t tested them yet and I don’t want to be near you if they malfunction.

Trust me, its not pretty.


So your saying this thing is danger-


Oh, hey look at the time I gotta go, I’ll call you after the vile is filled up with solar energy.

I sent it empty because usually… uhh well, its radioactive when its fully charged. it wouldn’t get through customs… so yah, good luck

*earpiece off sound*



As dialogue ends the player is now free to exit the work area and explore the environment.  The invisible wall for the front of the house disappears now that the player has both items. As the player leaves the work area, Garrek goes into monologue


I better be careful for any imperial drones roaming around, could be dangerous.

Dialogue pops up top left of screen

{Charge fuel cell at solar panel}

Once the player puts the cell into the solar panel machine, a charging sound happens for 4 seconds, then a ding sound happens

*player then takes the charged cell*

Phone call starts



Oh hey! You’re not dead and managed to charge the fule cell.

*muffles and writes down in note* subject doesn’t combust when in contact with fuel cell

*clears throat*

Anyway, im sure you know what to do now, just go find the generator and replace the old fuel cell with this new, really really powerful fuel cell.


Wait wait ok hold on slow down, Before I do anything with this, I need to know who you are. This isn’t something I would just…

*Phone call ends*

the player now must search for the Forum area front gate, when the player gets there they find that the main entrance is blocked with a sign that says, closed on Sunday

Dialogue pops up top left of screen

{new objective: find a new way into market center.}

the alleyway to the right of the forum area has a hidden entrance with some broken bars which allows the player to sneak in. once the player is inside the area they must find the generator and open it.

F to interact with generator panel

The player then opens the generator interior and take out the old fuel cell, and replaces it with the new one. When the fuel cell is replaced, the beams of light turn on the particle effect of the shield.

Audio sounds: generator opening, taking the fuel cell out and placing a new one in, generator turning on and off.

Beeping sound of the phone goes off


Hey man thanks for the help, I’m glad you decided to help me out with this.

Just as a heads up, the earpiece your wearing is programmed to self destruct after this phone call.

*phone call ends”

player dies. Fade out

Alternate dialogue, If player discovers alley way before charging fuel cell to get into fourm area additional phone call happens.



hey your not supposed to be here yet, ya gotta’ fill up the fuel cell first, THEN come back here.