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I have many "favorite" game trailers, although I love them all for many different reasons, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim takes the cake. There are many factors that go into why I like it so much. I can look at it technically as a game artist, and as a gamer and appreciate its merits, therefore I'm going to break it down as a person wanting to buy this game and how it appeals to the average gamer, and how professionally sound it is looking at it as a game artist.

Gamers perspective:

At the beginning of the trailer, the narrator mentions Oblivion, the previous elder scrolls game. If you're a player of the series, you already know whats next and what this game is. For people who don't know about the elder scrolls series, there is still enough information for you to understand, but also it's vague so you don't know whats going to happen next. 

The next thing I love is the intense medieval chanting music, It gives me a free feeling, flying through the wintery tundra trees and sets the vibe for what type of game this is.

One of the most crucial things that sell a game for me is real-time rendering and gameplay. This trailer has a perfect balance of CG, but also makes sure to show off gameplay mechanics, and in-game environments. By doing this, it shows what the potential and scope of the game is. The quality of the textures and what it might look like in the first person. there is a plethora of fight scenes and weapons that you can use, as well as spells and items you can collect.

The last thing I like about it is the ending. There is a logo and more importantly a release date. For me, when I see the release date at the end of a trailer, it's really bittersweet. the trailer reminds me that it's only a trailer and that the game is a year away from release, but it's so close you just have to keep watching it.

Technical perspective:

There's good camera direction and composition. The shots that they use to film it bounce between a dollied shot and a free camera first-person perspective. This is used to help take the player in and out of the roll of the main character. They do a great job bouncing between the CG cutscene and the in-game graphics as well. 

The camera fades they use to set an intense mood, something secret or brooding. When the action starts, the camera starts to cut much quicker and uses less continuity editing.

In the trailer, as I mentioned before they show off some environments, But they're not just winter biomes. There are a plethora of different locations with different color pallets, this shows the expansiveness of the world and give the player more of an incentive to explore, and shows that the game isn't just one lazy area.

The sound design is incredible. the music completely sells the trailer, without it, the mood wouldn't be set. Another bit of sound that got me was the waterfall. It made me feel like I was in the world. It was almost like a synonym for feeling empowered like the waterfall.



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