Brainstorm: greybox


  • Think about exploration games you have played.
  • What is successful about them? 

sending the player to find one item/ multiple items to unlock the area. using levels of height. vast enviornments. Player searching for power-ups. having the player solve puzzles, having the player intuitively go towards areas.

  • What inspires you about them?

visual queues, lighting, sound effects, stylization, color pallets. 

  • What could be better about them? 

help to show gating areas, create a difficulty curve, make intuitive puzzles, 

  • What ideas would you like to try?

solving a puzzle, exploring a hazards environment to get a goal, 

  • Brainstorm at least 20 ideas, gating mechanisms, story ideas, etc, for your level from simple to radical

What if my level had a main door you need to unlock.

what if my level had a key that you could only access with a certain item. 

what if my game had a keypad that you could only unlock with a code

what if my level had sandstorms which you should hide from every 2 minutes.

what if my location was an Indian city with a relic temple 

what if my location had scify elements integrated into the old temple

what if my level had houses you could enter and search.

what if the enemy's were robots who bury themselves within the sand?

what if my level had platforming elements within the temple area

what if you were a thief and you had to sneak into the temple to gain valuable information.

what if you had to find a weapon within the temple, and it was the only way to defeat the robots. 

what if you had to find scrap pieces within the houses to repair a machine in the temple which was damaged by the sandstorm. 

what if the houses had their own security to prevent you from taking the parts

what if there are secret underground tunnels 

what if you could interact with panels and communicate with technology.

what if there was an electrical gate blocking modern areas

what if there is a grand door blocking the temple, and you need to solve a 3 part puzzle to complete it.

  • List them out with brief 1 sentence explanations
    • What if my level...?
    • What if my door...?
    • What if my key...?
    • What if my location was...?
  • Which of these ideas hold the most promise? Add details for your favorite ideas thinking about how you will accomplish these.
    • Draw quick sketches to clarify your thoughts.
    • Feel free to start writing up how the story ideas would work.
  • Include reference images!