Boss Fight idea

I want to make a 3 stage boss fight based roughly around the binding of isaac "church "Isaac" fight.

This fight is a perfect example of what I want to make, It has 3 stages each with rising complexities. the first stage the boss is represented as venerable and weak, once provoked turns into a moderately hard boss. once past 3/4th health, the enemy is mixed up and a new difficult attack throws the player off guard. The tells of the 3 stages are repersented by the sprites shape language and movements as well as its projectiles.



Introduction to boss fight.

The first thing I want to have is a cool introduction. I want to make a small animated HUD or use cards to have a Boss Battle fight intro where you upgrade your magic wand into a full blaster which grants infinite ammo and a higher shooting speed!

I want the boss to me a small little rat crystal thing that is completely static and wont attack you until you hit it. once you do and it breaks, it turns into the monster boss. I want him to have 3 health bars stacked ontop of each other like the Devil may Cry series bosses.

I also want the boss to throw something at the player if destroyed would drop health to pick up.

Stage 1

the first stage I want him to be static and shoot the bullets in patterns at a moderate complexity and slow pace, I want him to vary his attack patterns as well. When it gets to the lowest part of the health he gets staggered. you have to hit an event to do an ultimate damage attack by hitting a combination of buttons. When this occurs he sets his health to the next lowest bar.

Stage 2

the next stage I want him to shoot faster with different combinations of a harder complexity. I want him to now have a shield faze as well where every so often he will raise crystals and they will protect him and shoot out towards the player.

Stage 3

The final stage I want him to have complex patterns at a fast rate as well as his shield ability, finally I want him to change his form to an uglier more exposed version of him self like he was badly damaged. For his final ability I want him to teleport using an array method from 3 locations on the map area. this will give him more dynamics and it will switch up the patterns of shooting entirely

Final scene

On defeat I want the boss to explode with crystals and a cool you win screen. then you transform back into a human!